Adoping Bitcoin Arnhem

FAQ / Misc

Yes. This is the Adopting Bitcoin conference and we like to stimulate every visitor to actually use bitcoin. Paying bitcoin over the Lightning Network is the best way to do nowadays.

Here is a quick beginners guide to get you started.

Warning: Do not store large amounts of bitcoin this way. Use a hardware wallet or other non-custodial bitcoin wallet for your savings.

Install a lightning wallet on your phone. We will describe the steps for Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet), but you can also use other lightning wallets.

  • Install Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
  • Enter you phone number and the verification code sent to you by SMS or Whatsapp
  • Go to Settings in the Menu and change Currency to your local currency

Your Lightning wallet is now ready for use but it does not have any funds in them.

Open Blink and choose "receive". By default Blink shows a lightning invoice. Since most exchanges don't support Lightning yet you need to:

  • Choose "on-chain". You now use the "copy" button to copy your bitcoin address which starts with "bc1q"
  • Sent bitcoins to this address. Make sure you sent more than just the ticket price since at the conference in Arnhem you can pay just about anything with your lightning wallet.

If you don't have bitcoin yet you can buy them at one of our sponsors: BTC Direct, Bitmymoney, Bitvavo, Blockrise or Bitonic.

The conference will take place on the 25th of May at the Luxor Live theatre. Luxor Live is located at Willemsplein 10, close to the train station. The main event start at 10:30 and will end at 18:30, followed by an afterparty that will continue late into the evening at Foodhall, Rijnkade 49.

There is a continuous buffet on the top floor that does not require reservations. Payments can be made with sats.

Leading up to the main event, there will be various pre-conference satellite events from May 22nd to May 25th. And don't miss the opportunity to explore the numerous nearby merchants accepting Bitcoin in Arnhem.

Satellite events are scheduled so that they do not overlap. For instance, it is possible to attend both the Bitcoin Walk and the Mining workshop.

Note that the BitDevs meetup is highly technical and may not be suitable for the average visitor.

Thanks to NGU Technology, we can now present a map with all locations related to the conference and the satellite events. For the merchants you can consult BTC Map, or look them up on the website of Arnhem Bitcoinstad

Download here your large printable version (2779x1778, 2.66MB)

Yes, unless it's explicitly told that a location does not accept Bitcoin (yet!), then it's your duty to orange pill them.

Ensure your Lightning Wallet has enough funds. If you're using your own node (kudos!), consider setting up a channel to BitKassa, as most merchants in Arnhem use BitKassa to process bitcoin payments. BitKassa has direct channels with Blink and Wallet of Satoshi, so transactions using these custodial solutions often incur no fees. (Handy backup!) To check if your wallet will work in Arnhem, you can donate a small amount to Privacy First, a foundation advocating for a free society where everyone can make autonomous choices.

The public key of the BitKassa lightning node is:

If you're flying in: Schiphol Airport offers a direct train connection to Arnhem Centraal (70 minutes, €20.60). The train station is conveniently located right under the airport. You can check in and out with your debitcard/creditcard at the yellow poles. Hop on a train headed towards Nijmegen. Check out for train information.
If you're driving: There's always space available in parking garage Arnhem Centraal (daytime: €3.30 per hour, after 18:00: €1.05. Daily maximum is €18.30).

Free parking spots (limited) are being discussed in the in the Telegram group.

Hotel The Church is a stunning hotel (and restaurant) in Arnhem that accepts bitcoin, but please make a note with the reservation that you want to pay with bitcoin at the desk.

Here are some non-bitcoin activities to explore in Arnhem:
  • Burger's Zoo: One of the best Dutch zoos. Take a direct bus from Central Station.
  • Sonsbeek Park: A beautiful park with two water mills and a statue of Lorentz, a physicist admired by Einstein.
  • Eusebius Church: Ride the glass elevator to the top and step onto the protruding glass balcony.
  • Netherlands Open Air Museum: Explore old buildings and windmills, learning about the cultural past of the Netherlands.
  • Airborne Museum: Learn about the Battle of Arnhem during World War II in nearby Oosterbeek.