Adoping Bitcoin Arnhem
Speaker: Bert de Groot - Bitcoin Brabant
Bert de Groot

Bitcoin Brabant

Bert de Groot keeps companies warm with bitcoin miners and helps businesses, families and plebs on their bitcoin journey. Green houses, workshops, warehouses and offices are being heated with bitcoin miners. In one of the greenhouses flowers are being grown. His company is the official reseller of open source signing devices (hardware wallets). He has helped thousands of people with storage and payment solutions, Dutch bitcoin books, and much more.
In Q3 2023 Bert became chairman at VBNL consists of 13 Dutch bitcoin companies that work together in this industry body to combat fraud and improve bitcoin adoption in the Netherlands.
His original passion is coastal and hydraulic engineering. In his previous jobs the main driver was innovation and technology. Bert has work experience across the globe in every continent except for Antarctica. He currently enjoys working on the bitcoin standard full-time.

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